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Orobanche curvata Pomel in Bull. Soc. Climatol. Alger 11: 111 (1874) [Nouv. Mat. Fl. Atl. 11: 111 (1874 [post 10 Mar 1874])]

Accepted Name:

Orobanche leptantha Pomel in Bull. Soc. Climatol. Alger 11: 110 (1874) [Nouv. Mat. Fl. Atl. 11: 110 (1874 [post 10 Mar 1874])] (Carlón & al., 2011: 97; Art. 11.5 ICBN)

Synonyms: (see Orobanche leptantha Pomel)

Homotypic synonyms:

Orobanche minor [var. / f.?] curvata (Pomel) Batt. & Trab., Fl. Algerie Tunisie: 254 (1905) ["O. minor Sutton γ curvata Pomel"] (Battandier 1890: 663, "Ce groupe ... une foule de formes distinguées par les botanistes"; Battandier & Trabut 1905: 253)

Misapplied names:

Orobanche minor auct. (saltem, p.p.), non Orobanche minor Sm., Engl. Bot. 6: 422 [t. 422] (1796-1797) (e.g., Battandier 1890; CJB-African Plant Database 2012; Tela Botanica 2012; Domina & al. 2013)

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Ind. loc.: "Sur Centaurea fragilis [C. fragilis Durieu]: Mazis [Maaziz, N 34º54'34'' W 1º48'41'' (mines of Ouled Mazis / Ouled-Mazis / anciennes mines de Maaziz N 34º54'55'' W 1º49'14''), Lalla-Maghnia / Maghnia / Marnia, Wilaya of Tlemcen, Algeria / Algérie / Argelia], Oran [Wilaya of Oran, Algeria / Algérie / Argelia]" (Pomel 1874: 111).

Lectotypus / Lectotype: "(here designated [in press]): A) Orobanche curviflora Pom / sur centaurea fragilis [Centaurea fragilis Durieu (COI 00037960)] / centaurea / Mazis jt 55 [m. Pomel?], B) Université d Alger / Herbier de l'Afrique du Nord / Orobanche curvata Pomel! / Type! / sur Centaurea fragilis / O Mazis [Wilaya of Tlemcen] juillet 1855 / leg. A. Pomel [m. Maire] (MPU 004860 - hb. Maire, rev. Ó. Sánchez Pedraja 30 Nov 2011 [the sheet contains the rests of two broken specimens, the lectotype is the upper specimen which is better preserved and is useful for the identification of flowers of this species. The lower specimen bad preserved is the isolectotype]). Syntypus: Université d Alger / Herbier de l'Afrique du Nord / Orobanche curvata Pomel / Oran [Wilaya of Oran], sur Centaurea fragilis / leg. A. Pomel [m. Maire] (MPU 004859 - hb. Maire [the sheet contains only one well preserved specimen]) (O. curvata in, accessed May 2012). Another specimen of this taxon, very well preserved, can be seen in Paris herbarium, it was sent by Maire: "Universite d’Alger / Herbier de l'Afrique du Nord / Orobanche curvata Pomel / O. Nemours [Nemours-d'Algérie / Ghazaouet, Wilaya of Tlemcen], falaises sableuses du / Phare, sur Centaurea fragilis / 9. 4. 1920 / [leg.] Dr. R. Maire [m. Maire]" (P 04363860, rev. Ó. Sánchez Pedraja Nov 2011).

"10. Orobanche curvata Pomel in Bull. Soc. Algér. Climatol., Sci. Phys. Nat. 11: 111. 1874 [ = O. minor Sm.]. / – Protologue data: sur Centaurea fragilis: Mazis, Oran. / – Lectotype (designated here): "Orobanche curviflora Pom. / sur Centaurea fragilis Mazis jt 55” [manu Pomel]; "Orobanche curvata Pomel / Type ! / sur Centaurea fragilis / O. Mazis / juillet 1855 / leg. A. Pomel” [manu Maire] (MPU-4860; isolectotype: MPU-4859). / Note: The specimen MPU-4859 is better conserved than MPU-4860" (Domina & al., 2013).

Designated by: Carlón & al. (2012) [in press]. Domina & al. in Plant Biosystems 147(3) (2013) [N. B. The name was correctly lectotypified by Domina & al. in Plant Biosystems 147(3). 2013) because our lectotypification was not validly published].

Host: exclusively on Centaurea species, s.l. [e.g., Centaurea fragilis Durieu in Algeria], Compositae [Asteraceae] (Annotated Checklist of Host Plants of Orobanchaceae, accessed Apr 2010).


Taxonomic observations: Orobanche leptantha Pomel [O. curvata Pomel; O. icterica Pau], Orobanche loscosii L. Carlón & al. [O. ritro auct.], Orobanche kochii F.W. Schultz [O. ritro Gren.] and Orobanche elatior Sutton [O. stigmatodes Wimm.] are considered conspecific by many authors (e.g., Chater & Webb 1972: 292; Greuter & al. 1989: 260; Foley 2001: 71). But in our taxonomic treatment we have preferred to consider these taxa as different species, which have different morphological characters and, frequently, different host plants.

"Species imperfecte cognitae et dubiae" (Beck 1930: 301-302). We have recently recovered the name Orobanche leptantha Pomel as a priority name for Ibero-African plant Orobanche icterica Pau (Carlon & al. 2011: 97). Orobanche curvata Pomel, from our point of view, is only a yellow colour variant of Orobanche leptantha Pomel (Pomel 1874: 111, "Plante d'un jaune concolore pâle"). The yellow forms are relatively common in this species.

Morphological observations: "Etaines insérée près de la base du tube... pubescents, ciliés dans le bas ... Tige ... porvue de squammes allongées, nombreuses" (Pomel 1874: 111); "sépales simples subuninerviés ... corolle arquée ... lobes fortement denticulés. Plante concolore, d'un jaune pâle. Sur Centaurea fragilis. Oran" (Battandier 1890: 663). Obs. according to this author, Orobanche curvata Pomel should be included within Orobanche minor aggr.

Chromosomatic number: see Orobanche leptantha Pomel.

Ic.: a, MPU 004860 - hb. Maire (Mazis, loc. class., Algeria); b, MPU 004859 - hb. Maire (Oran, loc. class., Algeria); c, P 04363860 (Nemours-d'Algérie / Ghazaouet, Algeria); d, MPU 064657 - hb. Maire (Nemours-d'Algérie / Ghazaouet, Algeria).

Distribution: see Orobanche leptantha Pomel.

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Specimens examined and literature records (see Orobanche leptantha Pomel)

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References (see Orobanche leptantha Pomel)

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