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Orobanche aconiti-lycoctoni Moreno Mor., G. Gómez, Ó. Sánchez, Carlón & M. Laínz in Documentos Jard. Bot. Atlántico (Gijón) 1: 37[-44], 41 t. 13 [illustration with analysis], 42 t. 14-43 t.15-44 t.16 [phot.] (2002 [Nov 2002])

Accepted Name:

Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner in Jahresber. St. Gall. Naturw. Ges. 1890-91: 253 ["pág. 133, penúltima, de la reimpresión como librito del artículo"] (1892) ["Lycoctoni"]


(see Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner)

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Ind. loc.: "loco dicto «Joyu el Boronal», pr. Colio (Cillorigo de Liébana, Cantabria, Spa [Spain / España]) —infra partem orientalem, quae ab Ándara nomen trahit, editissimorum Picos de Europa [Cantabrian Mountains], 30TUN6584, 1460 m, G. Gómez Casares & G. Moreno Moral MM0301/2002, 21-VII-2002. In herbario MA, quidem, sub numero 689996 asservatur".

Holotypus / Holotype: MA 689996, ex herb. Sánchez Pedraja 10762. Cillorigo de Liébana, Joyu el Boronal (above Colio, Macizo Oriental or of Ándara [Picos de Europa, Cantabrian Mountains]),  30TUN6584, 1460 m, parasitic on Aconitum vulparia subsp. neapolitanum (Ten.) Muñoz Garm. in calcareous soils with herbaceous vagetations, G. Gómez Casares & G. Moreno Moral MM0301/2002, 21 July 2002 (MA 689996 in Jstor, 2003-05-28; accessed May 2012).

Designated by: Carlón, L., Gómez Casares, G., Laínz, M., Moreno Moral, G., Sánchez Pedraja, Ó. & Schneeweiss, G.M. in Documentos Jard. Bot. Atlántico (Gijón) 1: 39 (2002 [Nov 2002]).

Host: parasitic only on Aconitum vulparia subsp. neapolitanum (Ten.) Muñoz Garm. [Aconitum lycoctonum L., aggr.] (Ranunculaceae) (Annotated Checklist of Host Plants of Orobanchaceae, accessed Aug 2009).

Comments: see Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner

Chromosomatic number:

Ic.: a, t. 13 (illustration with analysis [sub O. aconiti-lycoctoni]; on Aconitum lycoctonum L., «Joyu el Boronal», Picos de Europa, Spain, loc. class.); b, habit (ibidem); c, inflorescences («Cueva Armioña», Spain, terra class.); d, flowers («los Arrudos», Spain, terra class.).

Distribution: see Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner.

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Specimens examined and literature records (see Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner).

References (see Orobanche lycoctoni Rhiner).

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