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Phelipanche orientalis (Beck) Soják in Čas. Nár. Muz. Přir. 140: 130 (1972)

Basionymum / Basionym:

Orobanche orientalis Beck in Biblioth. Bot. 19: 110[-111] t. 1 f. 19 (1890 [Jan-Apr 1890])

Accepted Name:

Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják in Čas. Nár. Muz. Přir. 140: 130 (1972)

Synonyms: see Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják

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Ind. loc.: "O. orientalis terras Afghanorum [Pashtunistan] et regiones Himalayae boreali-occidentalis frequenter habitare videtur. Vidi ex. / Afghanorum territorio: «Under large trees in the Shálizán [Kurrum Valley, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan] orchards, very common» leg. Aitchison, in regione temperata Himalayae boreali-occidentalis (prope Jamu [Jammu / Yannu City, Jammu and Kashmir, India] et Banahal [Kahuta, Punjab, Pakistan]) 5-7000' [1700-2300 m] s. m. leg. Hooker f. et Thomson, in regno Kashmirensi leg. Falconer." (Beck 1890: 111, sub O. orientalis; Schiman-Czeika 1964: 9, sub O. orientalis).

Typi / Types: "Type:—Pakistan (lectotype here designated): Shálizán [Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan], Kurrum Valley, Afghanistan, May 1879, J.E.T. Aitchison no. 287. (K-000061351!); isolectotype (LE); remaining syntypes [lectoparatypes]: Hab. Himal. Bor. Occ. Regio temp. [Zanshar / Zanskar], alt. 5-7000 ped., T. Thomson s.n. [Herb. Ind. Or. Hook fil. & T. Thomson] (P-02982291!), Indian [regno Kashmirensi], Falconer no. 805 [Herb. of the late East India Company] (M-0185500!, M-0185499!, P-02982293!)" (Piwowarczyk & al. 2019: 43-44, sub P. libanotica [P. orientalis]).

Designated by: Piwowarczyk & al. in Phytotaxa 386(1): 43-44 (2019).

Host: see Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják.

According to Russian botanists (MW 0717032) and Renata Piwowarczyk (pers. comm., Jun 2016) it was observed parasitizing Amygdalus sp. [Prunus sp.] in the Caucasus region (Annotated Checklist of Host Plants of Orobanchaceae, accessed Jun 2016). "Parasitic on the Amygdalus L. species; in the Caucasus on A. fenzliana (Fritsch) Lipsky [Prunus fenzliana R.M. Fritsch]" (Novopokrovskii & Tzvelev 1958: 65[61], sub O. orientalis; Tsaturyan, & Grigorjan 1987: 377, sub O. orientalis), "Amygdalus" (Saeidi Mehrvarz & al. 2010: 113) and "Prunus webbii (Spach) Vierh. [ Amygdalus webbii Spach; = A. salicifolia Boiss. & Balansa]" (Rätzel & al. 2018, sub P. orientalis). Also, in various Middle Eastern countries, it has been mentioned, below different names, as a parasite on several cultivated trees of the genus Prunus (e.g., P. armeniaca L. [= Armeniaca vulgaris Lam.], P. dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb [= Amygdalus communis L.; = P. communis (L.) Arcang., non Huds.], P. scoparia (Spach) C.K. Schneid. [= A. scoparia Spach]) and others, but these host-plants must be confirmed by additional studies.


Taxonomic observations: according to Beck (1930: 90, sub O. orientalis) this species is similar to P. oxyloba, but in our opinion, P. orientalis is very similar to P. libanotica, to the point that we believe that it is a mere later synonym. According to our concept, the correct name for the species is Phelipanche libanotica (Piwowarczyk & al. 2019: 43, sub P. libanotica [O. orientalis]).

Morphological observations: "fls. lavanda blue, very purpure" (Aitchison in K 000061351).

Chromosomatic number:

Ic.: a, K 000061351 (Shálizán); b, P 02982291 (Himal. Bor. Occ.); c, M 0185499 (Indian [regno Kashmirensi]); d, M 0185500 (Indian [regno Kashmirensi]); e, MW 0717032 (Azerbaijan); f, Illustration (M.Y. Saleem) (Jafri, 2015); g, habit (P. Coulot, 2005, Turkey).

Distribution: see Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják.

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Specimens examined and literature records (see Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják).

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References (see Phelipanche libanotica (Schweinf. ex Boiss.) Soják).

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